About Jeane Books

Looking up at the stars of creation

Today, we have instant access to the latest information from around the world. Encountering new concepts and various ideas, we reevaluate our past values, and our expectations for building a new era are high.

However, in such a believable future, we seem to be buried in the times, driven by information that is only stimulating and easily transient, and instead, we seem to be moving further away from freedom.

Culture and art have been born in the midst of history, suffering from confusion and in search of hope. The culture and inspiration we gain from them are not something we can acquire in fast forward, but rather something that takes a certain amount of time to immerse itself into our psyche. We believe that the imagination and curiosity fostered by reading are the key to building a new sense of values in this advanced information society, which is why we launched Gene Books.

Even though the Internet has made it possible to easily access books from all over the world without leaving Japan, there are still many valuable works that are not available in Japanese. At Gene Books, we will discover good books from around the world, mainly nonfiction books on rock, pop, jazz, and other music-related topics, and introduce them to you in high-quality Japanese.

Stopping on the street and looking up at the night sky, there are too many stars to collect. They are as far away as human creativity, and even if they do not shine brightly for all, they shine for each viewer. This will be a publishing label that stimulates the inquisitive mind of the modern man who discerns evolution and progress, and finds and presents the stars that will be a beacon of wonder and joy.